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"Your life does not get better by chance.
It gets better by change."
Caroline Cavanagh
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"If someone has already done it, it's possible.
The next step is believing its possible for you."
Caroline Cavanagh
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"Yesterday has already gone, tomorrow is not yet here.
NOW is the only time you can enjoy this minute."
Caroline Cavanagh

Welcome to Anxiety Alchemy


Is anxiety effecting your life?

If so, you are in the right place but first, let's get something straight...

...Anxiety is a good thing!

Surprised? Let me explain!

Without anxiety you would put yourself at risk because anxiety's role is to keep you safe.  However, sometimes it's perception of safety and risk goes wrong leading to high levels of anxiety.  If anxiety is effecting your life negatively, your risk radar needs recalibrating.

And this is what Anxiety Alchemy is all about.  It provides the help you need to understand how your risk radar is working and what level of calibration works for you.  It is not magic - it is learning about the chemistry of your mind.  

You can do this through reading, doing an online course or one-to-one or using some of Caroline's resources

We are all individuals.  The way your mind's chemistry works is unique to you.  Anxiety Alchemy teaches you to become the chemist to mix the elements in a way that makes every day the best it can be.

I am Caroline Cavanagh; Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, National award winner, author and head alchemist!

Why work with Caroline?

She is a national award winner - recognised in her industry by her peers for her work in treating anxiety. 



She is a published author

Here is what people have said about Anxiety Alchemy:

"Anxiety alchemy is a constant companion of mine and so easy to dip in and out of" Liz

"This book has become my bible.  I defy anyone to read it and not let it be the start of the rest of your life" Becky

"You can pick it up at any time and find a section that is relevant to how you are feeling at that moment" Diane