About Caroline

Caroline gets anxious

Anxiety nearly stopped her writing her book.  

She was terrified at the idea of the charity parachute jump she'd commited to do.

But anxiety does not inhibit her life, it enhances it!

She has learned how to understand how her mind works.  She knows that anxiety is a warning of risk – a message that you can hear and then choose how to react to.  So when her symptoms of anxiety are high, it means she is doing something new – and that's OK!  She knows there is an amazing feeling when you push through that fear and reach the other side – and you will never be scared of that thing in the same way again – you become more resilient!

As a young child, Caroline was a gymnast and never really fulfilled her potential because anxiety always resulted in underperformance in competitions.  She did not take up her place in University due to financial fears.  She stayed in an abusive relationship too long for fear of being alone. 

In 1997 her life was changed when her brother suffered a severe stroke. But he had a strength and determination to not give in to his disabilities, achieving things that medics had said were impossible.  That gave her inspiration and the clear message that the power of the mind is incredible.

And this really spurred Caroline on to understand the mind, not only to help her brother; it fascinated her.  She became a Master Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, then a clinical hypnotherapist; both studies in neuroplasticity – how the mind works and changes.

As a wife to a soldier, she has faced her husband going off into conflict 4 times.  She knew sitting at home worrying about his safety would not make him any safer!  Through understanding the chemistry behind anxiety and the reactions they produce, she has learned to manage those chemical processes in herself and applied her techniques to help her clients.  

Today, Caroline has a big mission. Having worked with many people who have struggled with anxiety for many years, she wants people to have the skills she has learned so that there is no more struggle. 

You are never too young to learn, however, the earlier you learn, the longer you have to reap the benefits.   Caroline’s aim is to get her programme into secondary schools so that each generation has the opportunity to learn these techniques at a time when they can really influence their future.  It may mean that long term, with fewer people struggling with anxiety she has no clients, but that is a price she’s willing to pay!



Award winner

Caroline won the Consultant of the Year award 2016 from the Association of Professional Coaches and Training Consultants.  From it's 36000 members, Caroline beat 269 other nominations to win her category.


Caroline published her first book: Anxiety Alchemy in 2016, putting many of the techniques and tools she uses in one-to-one sessions into a format that people can use themselves to transform anxiety into resilience.  Here is what a people are saying about Anxiety Alchemy:

“Anxiety Alchemy is a constant companion of mine and so easy to dip in and out of. I have my pencil poised to underline important points and when I go back, I notice that I learn something new each time and it has a different meaning for me because I've followed the steps and tested them out on myself. Wow, what a gift!”    Liz

 “I love the examples and analogies used in the book and the idea of being able to mix your own potion to overcome your unwanted anxieties. By including threads of her own life and experiences of how she has helped others in the book, the author creates an honest and personal quality to her writing, so you know you are reading something that will teach you the skills to find your own confidence and enjoy your life to the full.”     Lesley

 “I have always suffered with low confidence..low self esteem and anxiety issues for as long as I can remember! This book has become my "bible!" I have been reading it for just over a week now and I can already feel changes happening! Caroline is an absolute genius in her own right..I defy anyone to read this book and not let it be the start of the rest of your life!”  Becky

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Caroline is a public speaker, engaging her audience by combining knowledge with interactive examples to bring the anxiety alchemy process to life leaving everyone having gained practical insights into the power of their subconscious mind.

“Loved it and learned so much from the speaker”  Becky

“I left the house for the first time in 24 days to go to the event.  Absolutely worth it!” Bobbie

“Being here tonight gave me a complete new outlook on how to deal with my anxiety”  Izzy