3 things to lift your mood

We all get down.  The challenge is to not stay down!

Here are my 3 'go to' things when life throws those low balls that knock you off your feet.

1.  Attitutude of Gratitude

When down in the dumps, the focus is on all the things that are going wrong and you totally shut out all of the things that are still going really well.  This one takes a bit of effort but it is so blinkin' effective.  You simply start focusing on all the things you can be grateful for.  And we are not talking earth shattering gratitute, it might just be that you have a roof over your head and food in the fridge.  And you keep going and when you run out of ideas, find some more!

This week I was ill on my birthday and had to cancel things I'd been looking forward to and was wallowing in self pity.  The attitude of gratitude is my first port of call to get me out of the mud!  One birthday was disappointing but I can be grateful that the last 47 (yep, gave the game away) were amazing.  I could be grateful for the fact that the two friends I had planned a Spa with have been friends for the last 30+ years and I now have another spa day to look forward to with them when we rearrange it.

By forcing your mind down a different path, you end up at a different destination!

2.  Music

I bet there are songs that when you hear, you just can't help but smile, or tap your toe, or start swaying to.

Music is incredibly powerful and can change emotions like flicking a switch.  I have a playlist on my phone that is full of really powerful songs. So in my fevered state, laying on the sofa, just listening to these made a big difference.  I was not quite up to the normal jigging around the kitchen that the  playlist would normally instil, but could manage a bit of toe tapping!

3.  Planning

When you hit a low point if leaves you with a choice.  You can crawl back out of your 'black hole' the way you fell in, or you can find a different way out.  Many of us spend much of our time doing the same things, getting the same results. When you have some forced time out, it is a chance to head off in a different direction by choosing to do things differently.

During recent months whilst I was caring for my terminally ill Mum, I made a lot of positive changes to my routine, but this week I realised, that some of the old habits had crept back in.  So my enforced couch time was the opportunity to notice that, and start putting some plans together that can break those old habits once and for all and lead me to a much better destination!  Now that's much more motivating!


The attitude of gratitude helps you look back at the past and notice all the wonderful things you have done that have led to who you are today.  Music brings you very much into the now, and planning then gives you the motivation to start moving forward again.  

So anytime you fall into one of those black holes, know that this is a great opportunity to rediect yourself to head off in a different direction -  one that you may never have found had you continued ploughing down the same furrow!

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