3 things to reduce overwhelm

Last weekend I sat and wrote Mum’s Eulogy.  It was something I had been dreading doing and so putting off.  But it took less than an hour and was surprisingly easy.  How hard can it be to talk about a person you loved to the moon and back and who left so many positive memories I could talk about?

Some advice I had been given was to not make it too long.  But as I started writing, there was more and more I wanted to say and the script got longer and longer. 

So I had to change tack; how could I get across everything I wanted to say in a short period of time?

The answer – focus on what was important. 

A word of advice I had been given many years ago was that there were rarely more that 3 things that needed your focus – the magic of 3.  And with that in mind it suddenly became really easy.  A lot of what I was writing was just niff naff and trivia dancing around one of 3 key themes that made up Mum; her kindness, her love of children, her common sense!  And when I really sat back and looked at it, everything I had been trying to extoll could be hung on one of those 3 hooks.

It is something that I had forgotten and am now putting back in place – the power of 3.  I wonder if you, like me often end up juggling many plates, focusing on 101 things when really, all we can focus on effectively are 3 things.

One of my tactics to reduce overwhelm is to just have 3 things on your to-do list and this I have been employing with rigor over the last few weeks as the todo list was HUGE!  However, by just focusing on 3 things, it feels achievable, you take action, and you feel a sense of success when they are all crossed off by the end of the day. And when you are limiting your todo list to 3 things, the three that are most important tend to rise to the top!

One of the lessons I am revisiting is focusing on what is important.  It is so easy in today’s busy world to get distracted by the niff naff and trivia.  I had been placing too much importance on things that from this new view point were just not important.  And the magical thing is that when you reorder the priorities (for me that means, family, husband, health) that niff naff and trivia is either still getting done (because it was related to one of the three) or just disappearing.

This week I am managing to combine them all!  We are escaping for a week away to be with each other and start the healing process now that Mum is in the ground.  Her death has left wounds in all of us and it is now time to heal.   The niff naff and trivia around work, house, all that stuff is just not important.  And I know that my focusing on what is important, we will all heal more quickly, be stronger and happier   - the power of 3!

So I am wondering…how would your life change if you focused on what was important?  What would your 3 things be?

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