3 ways your phone can reduce stress

I have a live in stress reducer - she has 4 legs and a long tail and if we are not out of the house and stomping through the fields by 9am she gives me hell!  Going for a walk every day is a 'tonic' but whilst I was looking after Mum I did fewer walks and shorter ones - just at time when I needed the 'headspace' walking gives me.

Does that sound familiar? Not doing the thing that is going to help you feel better?  Or worse, doing things that will make the situation worse (remember the red wine/chocolate story??)

Going out for a walk increases the natural happy drugs (endorphins) but also gives me 'space' to think, plan, solve problems;  and it is during that time that I am probably at my most productive and most relaxed!  And knowing the benefit of my daily ritual, going out for a walk is something I recommend to many clients who are struggling with stress, but often get a response of “I feel weird walking on my own”. 

I’ve suggested borrowing Sapphire but I do get it; for the short period when I was ‘between dogs’, I stopped going out for walks because it just felt a bit weird walking on my own! During that time, even though my working day increased by an hour, I was less productive, less motivated, and less happy!

So dilemma – how to persuade people to get outside and how to motivate myself to do it too on those days where staying under my duvet was the no 1 option. 

Ping – new email arrived with a brilliant solution!

A lovely friend who is also a magical photographer asked me to promote a programme she was running – photography to reduce stress.  And it was simply going for a walk in the beautiful countryside and taking photos.  Bingo!  3 reasons to go for a walk:

1.    You wont feel ‘weird’ because you now have a purpose to the walk and anyone walking past you will just think “That is someone taking photos!”

2.    You are outside, boosting endorphins, and getting the relaxation therapy that only mother nature can deliver

3.    .....and this is the one I love – you start to see your world differently. Much of the time we walk along not actually noticing the beauty of the flowers, the intricacy of a spiders web, the shape of stones on the path. When you are looking for something to photograph you suddenly tune into your environment. This is what is currently being called 'mindfullness' and is being put on a pedestal to reduce stress

If you want to find out more about Barbara’s walks (and don’t worry you don’t need a super-duper camera) then you can find more about them here.  And if not, just pick up your phone, put on your wellies and go and destress (and what better excuse for a hot chocolate than a return from a winters walk!!!)

PS the photo above was taken on my phone on one of my walks.  It may not be award winning, but I look at it and remember the walk and smile!  How cool is that??

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RE: 3 ways your phone can reduce stress

I would love to borrow Sapphire, she's such a great model in front of my camera. I love the photo you've posted too, the thing about phone cameras is that it's intuitive and from the heart. You're not thinking about anything more technical than "I like it, I'll take that shot" Stopping and seeing, breathing and calming, things we don't do enough xxx
Commented by: Barbara Leatham on Sunday 4th February 2018 07:20:32 PM

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