How to have a virtual suit of armour to keep you protected

Most girls know that when they have their best undies on, they feel more confident!  I took my daughter to a certain lingerie shop in Salisbury this weekend and the girl that walked out of the shop was quite different than the one that walked in.  Her whole posture and demeanour had changed - just through having one thing different on that no-one else could even see, her confidence had gone through the roof!

I can relate to this though.  I have a pair of boots that my husband calls my scary boots - but when I have these on, I genuinely feel that I can take on the world.  The downside is, I can't wear them all the time (and in some situations they really aren't appropriate !!)

So how does this work?  And how can I take on the world if I don't have my boots on??  And more importantly, can I use this to help deal with Mum's illness.

The answer goes back to something called anchoring - it's a very basic technique of using physical things as triggers for emotions. And it's something that is relatively easy to do.

A client this week was struggling to find motivation to do something he knew he needed to do.  We then stumbled on the fact that if he didn't do this thing it would have a major impact on his young daughter whom he absolutely adores.  So I suggested he go shopping with her and got her to choose something he could wear all the time - he chose a ring.  Now everytime he sees his hand and the ring, he is reminded of his little girl and his love for her is the motivation he needs to take the actions that he needs to.

So we dont always need a suit of armour on to go out and face the world - it could be something as small as a ring, but the emotion you attach to that item really can leave you feeling invincible (or any other emotion you wish to have)!

And when it comes to Mum's illness, she has already told me that she wants me to have her rings.  And I know that when I have those rings on my fingers, whilst it will mean she has gone, I believe I will still feel very connected to her and through those bands of gold, still feel her love.

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