What is your Mount Everest?

I was recently listening to an interview with Ben Foggle who is making his way up Mount Everest as his latest little jaunt!  Firstly, the idea of climbing Mount Everest would be my absolute hell.  Hot I can do, -40 degrees...no thank you!

But it was whilst listening to his challenges that something he said really struck a cord, "We all have our own Mount Everest's to climb!"  Don't we just!

And those mountains we face may not be snow topped or need us to put hiking boots on but they are none the less daunting and lead to sleepless nights.

A few years ago that I was facing my own personal Everest and it was causing me not only sleepless nights but fretful days too.  A colleague noticed my less than happy face and asked what was going on with me.  As I finished my Everest analogy she simply replied, "Stop worrying about how to get to the summit and just get yourself to base camp".

It was like the sun suddenly came out from behind the whacking great black cloud.  Base camp I could do!

And now that is my way to get to the top of any Mount Everest's that pop up on my journey through life - and pop up they do!!  Rather than standing at the bottom of the mountain, feeling totally overwhelmed and feeling frozen to the spot, I just work out how to get to base camp because the chances are, that is achievable.  And when there, you can start looking at what you need to do to get to Camp 1.

So now my Mount Everest's are all the size of Snowdonia - all just a series of base camps piled on top of each other and I can climb them in my flip flops too!!

So what about you?  Do you have a Mount Everest that you are facing at the moment? 

Please tell me in the comments field below if you feel you can get yourself to Base Camp!

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