It hit the mark with a perfect bullseye

I received an email today which simply said:

People who give, Caroline, are given to.  People who care, are cared for.
Short and sweet eh!  And for me, it hit the mark with a perfect bullseye.
This week has been tough.  Mum is disintegrating before my eyes and Dad has now decided that he is not getting enough attention so has got himself into hospital too.  Amid all of this, I had been booked to do a talk in London meaning that I needed to be on top form.  
So why did this email hit the mark?
I would like to consider myself a kind person - a giver.  And boy have I been given to recently.  One of the staff in our village shop stopped to give me a hug out of the blue.  A wonderful client agreed to travel up to London with me and not only made sure I found the venue (me and London roads are a bad mix!!) but then 'meeted and greeted' and generally sorted my admin out.  People whom I have never met but who are part of a facebook group I run have sent beautiful messages of support when I explained why I hadn't been posting very regularly.  And a fantastic neighbour is holding a cake morning tomorrow for the Macmillan Cancer Charity because she had been 'inspired to' partly by my situation.
Despite all of the #### going on, I am feeling incredbly loved and when all of this is in the past, I will never forget the kindness, giving and care I have received.
One of the things I talked about in London was a technique called 'Flipping it' - looking at the other side of the coin and I now find myself doing that often.  There is someone in my life currently who has spent much of his life taking, often even being cruel.  He is now also in need of love and care.  He however is finding himself very alone. 
I recall my Uncle saying "You reap what you sew", so this giving, caring, getting back thing is not a new concept and has stood the test of time - and it is just perhaps my current circumstances that have made me so aware of it once more, and I am so grateful for the reminder.
It is now scientifically shown that when you do something nice for others it leaves you feeling better too.  The chemicals released through an act of kindness are your own 'happy drugs'.  I made a decision some years ago to stop watching the news (much to my husband's frustration).  However, I felt that I gained nothing from hearing about wars, violence, death.  Is there nothing good that warrants being newsworthy?
The answer is of course there is but somehow we have become a society that focuses on the negative.  So this is my little drop in the ocean - a bead of gratitude and positivity to say that whatever #### is going on, when you look for the positives, they are there in abundance.
So thank you Susannah, Caroline, The members of the Teen Stress 101 group, and many many others who have given and cared.  You make an incredibly positive difference to the world.
What could you do today to make a difference?
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