How do you explain this?

In these blogs I often try to share tips or experiences I have learned from that may help others.  This time however, I hit a brick wall on the learning bit - as I am not sure how to explain it!

This week was manic - one of those 28 hours worth of stuff to squeeze into 24 hours and sleep is optional types of days - back to back!  On Thursday I knew I had an osteopathy appointment and had decided that that was one thing I could not let fall by the wayside.

So I attacked my day running, having organised the clients around the 12:00 appointment and even managed to squeeze in a dog walk in a slot between 10.45 and 11.30!!  At 11am, about a mile from home, the phone pings to tell me that my osteo appointment was about to start.  ####!!!!  I was a good 15 mins from home, the appointment was a 20 minute drive.  

So problem solving mode kicked in.  What were all my options?  I could see if there was a slot they could squeeze me into at the end of the day and perhaps the client would be prepared to move to another day and Id do their session for free as a thank you.  Or perhaps I could swap with my daughter who had an appointment this Monday  and we could rearrange hers....Next step obviously was to call the clinic.

And yep, you guessed it - no service in deepest darkest Winterslow! I tried doing a search through my emails to find the appointment confirmation as I was so convinced it was 12:00 - doh, no service, no searches!!

So I started running home, phone in the air waiting for that little bar to emerge.  As soon as it did, I called the clinic only to speak with an answering machine.  At this point, I confess, I did call 'Life' a few choice words - out loud!!!

Having left a message, I continued my rush back to base camp to then get a phone call to say my appointment was at 11.30!  The end of the story - I got there at 11.35, the osteo was running 10 minutes late  and alls well that ends well.  However....

....I am still left with this big question I can't answer.  I am 100% sure that the appointment was for 12 as my diary is viewed regularly to fit clients in.  My calendar is linked to the phone so how could an appointment at 12 ping up at 11?  And more-over, even if I had accidentally clicked the phone round by 1 number too few, how on earth did the real appointment end up being in between those 2 just at a time that I could make it work?

We often talk about co-incidences but personally, I dont believe in that.  'Things', 'events' cross because of an energy that we all emit at different levels.  Many people have heard about the Law of Attraction and the ability to bring things into your life by focusing on them.  Many then disregard it as they miss the one stept that the Law requires to be put into place - action!

That day, I was very focused - I needed that session.  I took action with the aim of finding a way to get the treatment - and somehow, things converged to make it happen.

But this was not the only story of this week that falls into the same camp.  A client had done some work with me before moving abroad.  He decided he wanted to come home - a really tough call as he had created many ties in that country that would be hard to cut.  The challenge- funding the trip back home.  However, he made his decision and started taking action to cut some of those ties, still not knowing how practically he was going to get back.  2 days after making the decision, an email popped into his inbox to say that the flight he would normally take was on offer for 25% of the normal price for a fixed term only - in exactly the window he was looking to travel in.  Co-incidence......??

Many of us have our own explanations.  Co-incidence, fate, God, Law of Attraction.  And I guess few of us will really know the truth - even if there is one.  However, I love the fact that I believe we can make a difference.  I believe nothing is predestined and when we really want to do something, somehow it happens - it is just about having faith and taking action!

What about you?  What 'co-incidences' have you experienced?  How do you explain them?
Please share your stories with me, I'd love to read them

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RE: How do you explain this?

Hi Caroline. I love reading your e-mails/blogs. I may not always comment on them but love hearing from you. If something strange or out of the ordinary happens in my day/week I often find myself looking up and talking to my dad as it gives me great comfort and gets me through a busy day. Lots of strange things have happened since dads passing. I seem to come across feathers in the most unusual places. I experience seeing more feathers now than I ever have. Derek and I were staying with Kirsty (my daughter) in Reading a few weeks ago. The house was empty the whole weekend. On arriving home the Sunday evening I went upstairs to in-pack. On top of my chest of drawer unit lay a large white feather. It definitely wasn't there when we left. Was this just a coincidence??? If i'm at home on my own particularly in the evening if Derek's working I feel I'm not alone in the house. It feels different very strange. Is my mind playing tricks with me??
Commented by: Tracey McBurney on Tuesday 5th March 2019 12:10:17 PM

RE: How do you explain this?

Love this Caroline. Thank you for sharing x
Commented by: Deborah Wright on Tuesday 5th March 2019 09:33:45 AM

RE: How do you explain this?

Hi Caroline I'm really enjoying the blogs. The LAW article is how I found you. I normally notice things in threes, and I don't remember the details of the first two, but it was about seeing a therapist. They I went for coffee with Carol, who mentioned you, and that was the third link. So I rang you.
Commented by: David Watson on Tuesday 5th March 2019 08:08:29 AM

RE: How do you explain this?

Hi thank you for that just sat down to read and has me thinking about things and the next step xx
Commented by: Sian on Sunday 3rd March 2019 06:58:17 PM

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