What is going on?

What is going on?

I was just finishing a dog walk, heading home and as I approached the junction intending to turn right and take the quickest route back, an idea popped into my head. Why not go the other way and give the dog another couple of minutes run by going through the park? Without giving it any more thought, I turned left and as I approached the park, driving out was a lovely friend of mine – deeply upset.

A coincidence – maybe. But it continues...

Tuesdays are normally one of my busiest days with clients. That morning I had none providing me the perfect opportunity to share a coffee with him and provide the shoulder and friendship that he needed at that moment.

Was my clear diary ‘fate’?

Perhaps it is a co-incidence that I had been watching a webinar on tarot card reading. After years of thinking that stuff as just too ‘out there’ I decided my judgement was ignorant as actually I knew little about it. Whilst I have no intention of doing card reading for clients, I do like to test out things before I talk about or use techniques with clients so I dug out an old pack of cards I'd been given and did one of the exercises from the webinar. I thought about the situation my friend was in.  As I picked up the cards, thinking on his issue, one card just fell out – justice! Along with the cards there is a little book that explains each card and the explanation around the justice card fitted the scenario like a glove. If you placed science into that probability you’d get a 1:50 chance of picking that card – (which actually picked itself!!)

And things like this are not the first time they’ve happened. I used to have a friend whom when I called, typically found her line engaged – only to find out that she was trying to call me at exactly the same time.  It happened so often we actually put an agreement in place which one of us would call back and which would just wait for the phone to ring!

If you had told me 20 years ago I would be getting really interested in quantum physics I’d have popped a rib laughing. Now, well it fascinates me and proving to be an area of very interesting discussion with people. There is the religious view – it is God at work. Others confident it is just pure coincidence, then there is the spiritual view. Bottom line, I guess none of us really know!

I believe there are many symbols all around us that we we can choose to ignore, or choose to interpret in a way that suits us. For me, learning to listen to my instinct more and not question it is proving very interesting and I am pleased I reacted that morning and am keen to hear what else it may want to tell me!

What about you? Have you ever had experiences that you have put down to co-incidence ? I’d love to hear about them!

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