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I remember attending a talk when it was suggested that time was the only true limited resource and the only thing we all have the same of. (Compared to money which is 'abundant' and clearly not equally distributed!)

At the time I was convinced - now I am not so sure!  

I have just got back after 2 weeks on holiday and those 14 days took so much longer than a 'normal' fortnight - or so it felt!  So it left me wondering why.  How can (what I know to be) exactly the same amount of time feel so different?  And trying to get back into the exercise routine this morning, how can one minute of press ups seem to take an eternity?

There is some evidence to suggest that chemical changes in the brain as we age do change the perception of time - which is why the school holidays when we were kids went on forever but as we get older, a year passes in a flash.  However, I think there is more to it than that.

I am wondering if it is largely related to 'busyness'.  On holiday, we got up when we chose to.  Breakfast could be at anytime between 8 and 12. We didnt walk anywhere in a rush.  We 'took time' to just sit and 'be'; enjoying some pebble skimming in the sea or just simply lieing on a sunbed staring at the sky.  Could it be that by slowing down our bodies, we slowed down our perception of time?

Or perhaps it was the lack of looking into the future?  Few decisions were made beyond the next 2-3 hours on holiday.  Back home, I am already booking in clients 2 weeks ahead, thinking about back to school etc - literally my thoughts are not here, they are in the future.  Could that be bringing the perception of time forward as I am 'living' in the future rather than the now?

I guess the answer is a combination of many things but what it has left me realising is that time really is a constant and the person who controls how I experience it is me.  Whilst I would love to spend more weeks of the year on a beach, and staying in bed until I wake up will create problems that are not worth it, I am sure there is time to make more time to just stop and 'be'.

And this has lead me to another really important realisation.  With Mum's terminal illness, most of my thoughts have been about what is coming in the future.  If I continue that, I am going to be mentally experiencing her demise whilst physically she is still doing well.  So that is my priority now, to deploy my holiday time management to being a daughter - just spend time in her company, creating lovely memories and 'being' rather than planning.

How are you choosing to spend your time?

Are you living in the future by spending most of your time thinking about it?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments box below, I'd love to hear them

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