The pyramid of stress

I recently fell behind on a plan and felt stress rising.  I was holding colleagues up by not providing the inpyt they required and the more I stressed, the longer things seemed to be taking - can you relate to that?
So I had some options - I could:
- give up because I had failed
- get annoyed with myself but carry on anyway
- accept that 'life' gets in the way and carry on knowing I was doing my best

What would you do?

Your answer to that last question will influence your sress levels - things always don't go to plan and events happen that are outside of your control. The level of stress or anxiety you feel, relates to what choices you then make to get yourself back on track.

I use a great little analogy to help with decisions - the win:win process - which is a bit like a pyramid.

Tier one: lose:lose - ie no-one benefits
Tier two: lose:win - you lose to someone else's gain
Tier three: win:lose - you win at someone else's cost
Tier four: win:win - you and the other person (people) benefit too.

Giving up is a definite tier one - I'd feel rubbish at failing and my colleagues wouldn't get what they needed
Getting annoyed would be a tier two - I'd still be feeling rubbish but at least the colleagues would get what they wanted
My preferred option was the last one - that's the win:win.  I acknolwedge that life does throw low ballers but you catch the ball and keep running - it doesn't mean you are out of the game!

Stress will come from tiers 1, 2 and 3 in different measures. Tier 4 isnt always perfect but I will felt better from getting to the finish line and my colleagues got what they needed

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