What does it take to convince you?

Six months after finish work with a lovely lady who wanted to lose weight, she came back 3 stone lighter, telling me that she was not sure that her relationship with food had changed and perhaps we needed to do more work.

Another lady who had a 4/5 chocolate bar a day habit, returned after one session and happily dived into her bag and pulled out a bounty bar she'd been carrying around for 4 days.  She'd not wanted it (nor any other chocolate) and was convinced that our work was done.

Two ladies with similar issues, but needing very different levels of evidence to be convinced that they'd changed their eating behaviours.  With both ladies, I had a chat about their convincer filter!

The convincer filter is something we all have, and it determines what evidence we need to believe something.  

I know people who see someone sneeze within 6 feet of them and become convinced that they will catch a cold.  For others, they need to have a temperature of 40 and be bed ridden to be convinced they are ill.  

All the time our minds are absorbing information through our senses.  Now, think of information as evidence. The more senses we use to tune in to things, the more information is absorbed.  The more times they absorb something, the higher the evidence bank becomes. For people who have a very low convincer filter, just seeing something once may be enough 'evidence' for them to be convinced about something.  For people with slightly higher filters, they need to see something, hear about it and perhaps experience it themselves to build the bank of evidence high enough.  For others they may need to see it 5 times, hear about it in 3 different places AND experience it themselves before they can say 'Ok, got it now!'

And the convincer filter has a big place in influencing anxiety, especially when it comes to phobias.  Consider the fear of heights - one of the greatest phobias in the UK. 

A person with a low convincer filter may hear a close friend talk about being somewhere high and how scared they were, to then experience anxiety the next time they themselves are in a high place.

Someone else may need to hear that friend relate their experience, meet someone who had fallen from a height and hurt themselves and then gone to the edge of a tall building themself and hung their toes over the edge before they start to feel a bit jittery!

The convincer filter is quite hard to re-calibrate.  What is much easier is to know how yours works so that you can work with it!  And in doing this, it can help reduce anxiety.

However, understanding how other people are calibrated can be really useful too, as it can then help you deliver the evidence they need to support them being convinced.  And it is really easy to do!

To find out how your convincer filter is calibrated (and how to use this to determine other's) please drop me an email to caroline@addingzest.com and simply put convincer filter in the subject heading.  I will then pop you back a really simple document that shows you how to test your own filter (and that of others) and tells you a bit more about your convincer filter.

How convinced are you that you that this may be useful to know.....???

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