10 ways to reduce Exam Stress and Improve Results

Is your teenager stressed?  Do they lack motivation?  Is revision not 'working' for them?

We all find exams stressful, however, a few small changes in how you approach exams can create a huge impact.  This resource pack provides new skills and techniques proven to not only reduce anxiety but can also help increase mental performance.

"Using these techniques, after 3 weeks of French revision, the child who was scoring 3 and 5 on tests scored full marks - 10/10 and 15/15"  Karen

This unique pack provides downloadable videos, documents and recordings that are designed specifically for teenagers.  It includes:

2 x videos                                   6 downloadable pdfs                        2 x audio files                                                  

Techniques covered include:
- How to use your senses to improve revision
- First Aid for exam stress
- How to reduce anxiety in the exam hall
- Top 3 revision tips to use time more effectively
- Top technique to reduce stress (audio file)
......and much more

All of these resources have been created by a national award winning anxiety specialist and published author and are based on years of experience of working with stressed people.

The pack is available to you for just £27.95.  You will be sent a log in and password via email which you can use to come back and access the resources as often as you like.

Click on the buy now button and watch, read and listen to techniques that few school's teach.

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