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Exam Stress Resources

Exams are a stressful time for not only teenagers but also the people living with them.
For adults there is a closed facebook group: Exam Stress 101 and for those taking exams, a unique resource pack containing resources that are proven to reduce stress and improve mental performance.

For adults, the facebook group provides a community where Caroline shares tips and techniques on how to deal with stressed adolescents and help them to get through this tricky phase.  Please come and join us:

For students there is a set of resources to assist them optimise their approach to revision through creating a better understanding of how their mind works.  These go beyond the normal school based revision tips and include:

- First aid approach to exam stress (pdf)
- How understanding your senses can improve revision (pdf)
- How to use mindmaps to improve recall (mp4)
- Understanding your parents! (pdf)
- Why aim for perfection leads to failure (pdf)
- Learning how to relax and why you should (audio file)
- Its the week before your exams (audio file)
- On your way to the exam hall (audtio file)
- What to do now the exams are finished (pdf)
....and much more

This package is available now for just £27.95.  For more information on how to access these rescources, click her



One-to-One Sessions

Face to face sessions support a totally personalised approach to dealing with your anxiety. During the first session, Caroline will seek to identify the root of your anxiety (this is often not what you anticipate it would be) and then uses a range of techniques and tools to support a reduction of the symptoms and a greater understanding of the power of the subconcious mind.

Sessions are conducted near to Salisbury, Wiltshire or arrangements can be made to do consultations over skype (or similar).

For more information on Caroline's sessions, visit her sister site adding zest

Online Programme

The Anxiety Alchemy process is available as an online programme.  This is ideal for people for whom travel to Salisbury to work with Caroline face to face is difficult, or whose work routines inhibit flexibility.

The online programme is 8 weeks and includes:

  • 2 x 1-2-1 sessions with Caroline over skype (or similar)
  • 30 short videos to support learning of the Anxiety Alchemy process
  • Weekly Q&A calls with Caroline to answer questions
  • Access to a closed facebook group to gain additional input from Caroline
  • A weekly accountability form to support progress through the programme

The course costs £600 and starts at fixed intervals.  Numbers are limited on each course.



Mellissa and medalTo see how Mellissa went from performance anxiety to World Champion after completing the Anxiety Alchemy online course, click on the image.



Anxiety Alchemy Book

Anxiety Alchemy is a self-help book guiding you through the process of understanding your anxiety, how your mind works and then using this knowledge to transform anxiety into resilience.  Why resilience and not confidence?  

Confidence is a very fragile emotion.  Resilience creates very strong foundations that gives you an ability to handle whatever life throws at you, confidently!

Anxiety alchemy is available on amazon

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